Scholarship Program


A battle with pediatric cancer can be financially devastating to a family. With this reality in mind, Camp Smile-A-Mile created the scholarship program in 1999 to assist families in sending their campers to school. Scholarship recipients must show academic progress as well as continue to give back to the organization by volunteering at fundraising events. In 2012, Camp Smile-A-Mile awarded 23 scholarships to campers attending university, college or vocational schools. This amount totaled more than $50,000.

Scholarship applications are sent each February to campers graduating high school and those already attending college or trade school. In addition to submitting an application, applicants must:

  1. Submit three reference letters.
  2. Submit high school or college transcripts.
  3. Be actively involved with camp.
  4. Commit to volunteering at camp.

Applications are usually due in March with the Camp Smile-A-Mile Scholarship Committee meeting in April to make allocations.

If you have any questions about scholarships, please contact the Camp Smile-A-Mile office at 205.323.8427.