Legacy of Smiles

Legacy of Smiles

Help us create smiles for years to come!
Legacy of Smiles is an Endowment and Planned Giving Program that helps ensure that Camp Smile-A-Mile will be a thriving organization for years to come.

First steps:
1. Contact your financial advisor
2. Have an up-to-date will or living trust that reflects your charitable goals.

There are several ways you can join the Legacy of Smiles by:

  Once your family is provided for consider naming Camp SAM as a beneficiary of your estate leaving a percentage of your estate, a specific dollar amount, or some other asset to Camp SAM.

Insurance:  Gifts of life insurance may offer excellent tax benefits.  Policies that were purchased to protect a loved one that are not needed any longer can be made payable to Camp SAM.  What a wonderful way to honor that person.

Gifts of property:  Giving stocks, bonds, securities, and mutual funds that have increased in value help you with a charitable deduction and avoidance of capital gains, but also helps Camp SAM.  When Camp SAM sells the asset, it receives 100% of the proceeds since capital gains taxes do not apply to a charity.

Gifts of real estate:  More wealth is held in real estate in the US than in stocks and bonds combined.  This type of gift may be advantageous in helping to bypass large capital gains or bypass estate taxes while supporting a charity.  There are numerous options when considering gifts of real estate.

Charitable remainder trust:  You can transfer cash, appreciated stocks, real estate, or other assets into a trust.  The trust pays you or a designated beneficiary a regular income payment.  You receive an immediate charitable tax deduction for the charitable portion of the trust. Upon your death, or after a defined period of years, the remaining assets in the trust transfer to Camp SAM.

Charitable gift annuities:  You make a gift of cash or appreciated securities and enter into a contract that combines immediate, fixed annuity payments, based on your age, with a deferred charitable gift.  You receive a partial tax deduction for the charitable portion of the gift, and the payments are guaranteed for your lifetime.  Camp SAM offers charitable gift annuities to its donors in partnership with the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham.  

Donors and their charitable goals are important to Camp Smile-A-Mile.  However, the Board of Directors, Staff, or their agents do not engage in rendering legal, tax or financial advice.  Donors should contact their attorneys, accountants, or other professional advisors when arranging an immediate or deferred gift to the Legacy of Smiles Fund.  The purpose of this publication is to provide information of a general nature on gift, estate and financial planning options.

Please contact Savannah Lanier at savannah.lanier@campsam.org or 205.323.8427 to discuss Legacy of Smiles!